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Opening reception at the City Hall
Tuesday 7th. June 18.00

Reykjavik City Hall is an impressive building on the northern shore of Lake Tjornin. Stark and modern, it is the neural centre of Reykjavik, connecting nature, water and bird life to the centre of town. Opening in 1992, it houses the Mayor and executive officials of Reykjavik.(From

Gala dinner at The Pearl
Wednesday 8th June 19:30
The Pearl is a landmark domed building on top of the city's hot water storage tanks. The Pearl Restaurant sits on a rotating platform on the top floor, offering fine dining with a unique panorama view of the city.
The outstanding kitchen has a reputation for a variety of modern Icelandic delicacies.(From

Getting to the City Hall
Google Map

Busses will be provided from Háskólabíó the Conference venue to The City Hall at 17:45.
No transfer back

The history of the City Hall

Getting to the Pearl
Google Map

Busses will be provided from the conference hotels to the Gala dinner at Perlan at 19:15.
Busses will be provided back to hotels after the gala, first busses will leave at 22:30

About the Pearl

The 26th NORDUnet Conference - Reykjavik 7th-9th June 2011
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