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Meetings and BoFs

The NORDUnet2010 conference organizers welcome proposals for co-located events, meetings and BoFs.

A number of co-located events like working group meetings are being organized.

The following BoFs and meeting are confirmed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Monday, 6 June, 2011

9:00-17:00   RPKI-based BGP Origin Validation Workshop
Location: Workshop room - Main floor


The Resource PKI (RPKI) is a product of the CIDR IETF working group and has been proposed as a way to secure routing table updates. The workshop will introduce the RPKI to network engineers and IT-security professionals. The workshop will consist of a lecture and hands-on experience led by Randy Bush of the Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).
During the hands-on exercise there will be an opportunity to setup various parts of RPKI infrastructure for use in your own network.

The workshop is open to anyone but please register your interest by sending mail to leifj at

Background reading:


09:00-16:00 GN3/NA/T4 Task Team Meeting (Closed meeting)
Location: Workshop room - level -1


Internal meeting for the GEANT3 task team



Wednesday, 8 June

17:30-18:30 The Inter-NREN Service Provisioning Group
Location: Workshop room - level -1


17:30-19:00 End-to-End Service Architecture Verification BoF
Location: Workshop room - Main floor


The community, built around the TERENA E2E Provisioning Workshop series, has agreed to have intensive discussions, consultations between the potential user community (application designers/developers, end-site operators, researchers) and the networking community (NRENs, Lambda networks, Regional and Campus networks, NOCs) of the end-to-end connection services. This BoFs is part of a series of discussions organised during major community events (e.g., Internet2 meeting, GLIF Tech Winter meeting, TERENA Networking Conference, NORDUnet Conference) on the topic of "E2E Service Architecture Verification". This topic includes the discussions about tools and architectures as well as the roles and responsibilities undertaken by various players of the whole end-to-end (i.e. application-to-application) workflow.

e-e Infosheet

List of attendees



Thursday 9. June

9:00-16:00 Board meeting of SNIC - Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (Closed meeting)
Location: SAGA Hotel - level 1


13:00 - 19:00 NREN Service Forum Group
Location: Workshop room - main floor



Friday, 10 June, 2011

9:00-17:00  CCIRN
Location: National and University Library (Closed meeting)


Propose a meeting or BoF

If you want to arrange a meeting og a BoF in connection with the conference, please fill in this form

The 26th NORDUnet Conference - Reykjavik 7th-9th June 2011
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