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Members of the NORDUnet 2011 Program Committee

  • Gunnar Stefánsson, RHnet / University of Iceland (PC Chair)
  • Lars Fischer, NORDUnet (PC co-chair)
  • Jacqueline Brown, NORDUnet (Project manager)
  • Jón Ingi Einarsson, RHnet
  • Lars Fuglevaag, UNINETT
  • Harri Kuusisto, FUNET
  • Börje Josefsson, SUNET
  • Leif Johansson, SUNET
  • Klaas Wierenga, CISCO
  • Jerry Sobieski, NORDUnet
  • Ole Frendved Hansen, UNI-C/Forskningsnettet
  • Josva Kleist, NORDUnet
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