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  • December 15th: An unannounced planned work from supplier caused an outage on the SUNET links to Gotland.
  • December 15th: An unannounced work from supplier caused an outage on the west red network.
  • December 10th: Two of the gbps links to Visby is down causing reduced redundancy in the SUNET Backbone.
  • December 9th: One of our core links between ORU and SUNET was suffering from severe bit errors, the problem was resolved by swapping transponder card in our DWDM equipment in Örebro.
  • November 28th: A faulty transmission card caused power restart of the node in Örebro. Faulty card has been replaced.


  • December 21st: A new storage volume was added on SUNET Adobe Connect system.
  • December 16th: The measurements was carried out and all patches has been cleaned. Unfortunaely this didnt help and we did a OTDR-measurement of the fibre-stretch and it has degraded by 2.5dB since commision so we will take this further with the fibre-owner to get it solved.
  • December 15th: All SUNET University hosting servers were moved to a new switch.
  • December 11th: Emergency maintenance - Rebooted a transmission card in Örebro to troubleshoot a flapping interface.
  • December 7th: Fiber-vendor did a planned maintenance in Växjö on the green network.
  • December 7th: Fiber vendor did a planned maintenance on a Seacable to Gotland






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