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  • October 27th: The link between Växjö and Visby was down due to a fiber cut. The fiber has been temporarily restored and a permanent fix will be implemented during a service window to be announced later.
  • October 26th: SUNET backbone link between Kiruna and Kalix was down due to a fiber cut in the fiber stretch.
  • October 20th: Lost connection to LIU, SFHM and SMHI due to a fiber break. RFO still pending.
  • October 11th: A fiber break caused an outage on the stretch between Nybro and Kalmar.


  • October 31st: Fiber supplier performed troubleshoot and repaired a fiber in Växjö due to high attenuation.
  • October 30th: Supplier relocated fiber cables in Norrköping area
  • October 25th: Fiber patch connected to KI in Fredhäll was inspected and cleaned in order to troubleshoot bit error issue on the link.
  • October 23rd: Sub supplier performed refurbishment maintenance in junction box in their network between the two sites Kimstad (KIM2) and Linköping (LIN3).
  • October 17th: Fiber supplier performed fiber maintenance in Växjö.
  • October 16th: Due to construction of new substation supplier relocated fiber cables in Norrköping area.
  • October 11th: A planned software upgrade maintenance was performed on the Beta adobe connect setup.
  • October 9th: The router sbo-r1 was upgraded with a new junos software.
  • October 2nd: A planned maintenance to move some of the Adva equipment in site FRE, Stockholm was performed.
  • October 1st: Carrier performed a planned fibre maintenance between Arvidsjaur and Jokkmokk.






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