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  • July 29th: Site SFA24, Installation-ID 100130048 on Assistentgatan 23, Skellefteå was down due to a power outage. The site owner has restored the power and the connection is up again.
  • July 18th: The link between Abisko and Rensjön was down due to a fiber break. The fiber has been repaired and connectivity is fully restored.
  • July 18th: We lost reachability to our router KIR5-R1 due to an issue with the ISIS. The ISIS issue is being investigated on SUNETTICKET-4489.
  • July 14th: BGP between our router in Filipstad and Stockholm was down due to provider emergency maintenance.
  • July 14th: Safespring had an outstanding issue with the contrial messaging system, causing loss of connectivity to a couple of servers in IAAS. The problem is solved.
  • July 7th: Difficulties reaching due to network problems.
  • July 5th: Fiber loss high on PTP-1-2-U in HSJ, changed the card and it helped.
  • June 30th: The core link between Göteborg and Trollhättan was down due to a broken card.
  • 29th May: FPC 0 and 5 rebooted on the router. No RFO was found but RCA ongoing.


  • July 31st: SUNET performed software upgrade on one of the core routers in Stockholm.
  • July 31st: The network interfaces on the transit router in Borås were restarted, one a the time, in order to correct a critical software bug.
  • July 30th: Carrier performed fiber maintenance. This affecedt the link between Arvidsjaur and Kåbdalis.
  • July 28th: SUNET performed upgrade on core routers.
  • July 27th: SUNET performed software upgrade on core routers. The routers are sbo-r1, lba-r1, trh-r1, hsd-r1, vxj-r1 and bos-r1
  • July 27th: Fiber supplier performed fiber optimization maintenance between Gällivare (GLV1) and Jokkmokk (JKK1).
  • July 17th: The fiber between the router located at Högskolan i Halmstad and Halmstad POP increased the attenuation value with more than 4 dbm. Fiber provider is performed fault trace the issue during above window but did not find any fault. Investigation will follow at the original trouble ticket.
  • July 12th: An emergency software maintenance was performed on the Sunet Survey service.
  • July 10th: SUNET performed software upgrade on router
  • July 10th: SUNET performed software upgrade on routers klx1-r1, hj-r1, hh-r2, ume8-r1 and uu-r1.
  • July 6th: A planned maintenance to migrate SUNET Adobe connect to a new setup of servers was performed.
  • July 5th: We performed emergency hardware maintenance due to higher attenuation.






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