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  • December 19th: After a fiber maintenance, the green link to BTH suffered from severe packet loss, due to a faulty transponder card.
  • December 9th: There was an outage on the red network in Göteborg. The reason for the outage was a fiber cut caused by excavation work in Göteborg.
  • December 6th: The link towards DU on the green network was in a flapping state due to a problem with the optical equipment in Borlänge.
  • December 4th: There was an outage in the west red network affecting GU, HH, GSIX, HB, CSB and CTH. The reason was an unannounced planned maintenance.
  • December 1st: The green link between DU and SUNET suffered an outage due a faulty controller card on a transmission node in Borlänge.


  • December 20th: A faulty interface card was replaced in the transmission equipment in Kristianstad affecting the link to HKR.
  • December 18th: Our fibre provider carried out service affecting maintenance on the south green network.
  • December 15th: Our provider carried out maintenance work affecting the south green network.
  • December 13th: A planned maintenance was performed at LTU to relocate the SUNET equipment to a new location.
  • December 12th: We performed an emergency planned maintenance on the Adobe Connect system.
  • December 12th: Software upgrade has been carried out on SUNET's core routers affecting DDB, NETNOD, IRF, SSC, HGO, PK, RAA, SLU, SHS, NORDGEN, GSIX and SMVK.
  • December 8th: Software upgrade was performed on SUNET core routers affecting HGO and IRF.
  • December 5th: Our provider performed maintenance work in Kalmar which affected LNU.
  • December 5th: Our supplier performed a planned emergency software upgrade in Stockholm which affected Riksarkivet's VPN services from Stockholm to Härnösand, Fränsta and Ramsele.
  • December 3rd: Our dark fiber supplier performed a planned maintenance and moved their links to new fibers in order to improve the services to Örebro Universitet.
  • December 2nd: Our supplier performed a planned cable splice maintenance in west red network due to a road construction in Kviberg. This affected Högskolan i Halmstad.






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