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  • July 20th: There was an outage in the south green network between Kristianstad and Horsaryd. Our provider was notified but they were unable to provide any reason for the outage. No more outages has been detected since the incident.
  • July 13th: There was a short flap on the link to BTH.
  • July 6th: There was an outage on the blue network. The reason was a power outage and a broken ups in Kalix.
  • June 28th: A faulty card in the transmission equipment in Fredhäll caused outages on the green network to HIG and MAH. The card was later replaced.


  • July 10th: Two interface cards were replaced in a SUNET transmission node in Stockholm.
  • July 5th: Plan maintenance was performed at the SUNET POP in Karlstad.
  • July 4th: Planned maintenance was performed at Sundhultsbrun in order to troubleshoot attenuation issues in the SOuth Green network.
  • July 4th: One of the routing-engines in router has been upgraded.






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