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  • April 29th: The link from Lund to ESS was down. Fibre provider could not find an RFO.
  • April 19th: The core link between Gävle - Uppsala went down due to a faulty card in router The card has been replaced and the link is back up.
  • April 19th: FPC crashed, causing one link to SP to go down. Solved toggling fpc2 and mic1 offline/online.
  • April 16th: The router rebooted. RFO unknown.
  • April 12th: There was degraded signal on the stretch between Varla and Holmagärde which has been resolved by switching to a new fiber pair.
  • April 9th: We had a short outage in the fiber stretch located between BOS (Borås) and SKU1 (Stenkullen). This was due to a subcontractor that had problems with cabling.
  • April 7th: Outage after planned maintenance. RX and TX had been shifted.
  • April 5th: Broken CFP caused issues with the link between DU2 and DU3. Solved the issue by replacing the CFP.
  • April 3rd: Login to eduID was not working. The issue is fixed.
  • April 1st: We experienced a link down between kir3-r1 and klx1-r1 due to power outage.


  • April 27th: A router in site Stockholm-B was upgraded to a new software release.
  • April 26th: Supplie performed maintenance between Älvsbyn (ABN1) - Åkroken (AJR22) and Älvsbyn (ABN1) -and Boden (BDN)
  • April 26th: Supplie performed maintenance between Älvsbyn (ABN1) and Boden (BDN).
  • April 23rd: Supplier performed network maintenance in Göteborg. Maintenance completed.
  • April 16th: Fiber provider performed fiber maintenance between Jönköping and Rusken.
  • April 14th: Fiber supplier performed rerouting of circuits at Svenäcker-Mellerud .
  • April 8th: Supplier performed Network maintenance.
  • April 6th: Supplier performed network maintenance in Göteborg
  • April 5th: Provider performed fiber maintenance in Göteborg.
  • April 3rd: eIDAS connector service in QA environment was reinstalled.
  • April 2nd: Supplier performed maintenance to improve optical values on fiber between Mörarp and Lund.






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