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  • September 21st: The link between GAUS23 (Gaustadallé 23) - KGV11 (Kongsvinger) went down due to fiber fault in Oslo. This was due to a problem caused by subcontractor equipment.
  • September 14th: The link to Solar telescope went down. RFO unknown.
  • September 7th: The link between Kiruna and Narvik went down after the fiber got damaged by a machine doing roadwork.
  • August 30th: Link between Karlstad and Luleå experienced several flaps. Solved with cold restart of roadm in Åkroken.


  • September 29th: Emergency Hardware Maintenance to replace router sthb-r1 is complete.
  • September 28th: Preparation for replacement of router sthb-r1 is complete.
  • September 27th: Network configuration for SMVK links in Stocholm and Göteborg was changed.
  • September 23rd: Supplier performed a mandatory maintenance. This affected the connection to CPE lnd-c1.
  • September 22nd: Supplier will repaired an optocable affecting the connections between Hedenlunda - Dövestad and Visby - Norrköping.
  • September 21st: Supplier performed a repair of optocable. This affected the connections between Hedenlunda - Dövestad and Visby - Norrköping.
  • September 15th: Supplier performed cable maintenance.
  • September 14th: Supplier performed rerouting maintenance in Karlstad.
  • September 7th: Fiber provider performed fiber splicing maintenance in Trollhättan.
  • September 6th: Supplier performed cable repair that affected the link between Krokslätt-Varla. Due to issues with the splicing, the maintenance went overdue a few hours.
  • September 2nd: Planned maintenance to solve SUNETTICKET-7343. We got an issue with ROADM in slot 2-15 in AJR22 after fiber maintenance. Solved with cold restart.
  • September 1st: Supplier rerouted traffic due to cable work at the VLA site on cable going to HGE






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