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  • September 28th: Link down was caused by routing issue.
  • September 21st: The fiber between KVG11 (Kongsvinger) and GAUS23 (Oslo) flapped due to power outage at site GLS, GÄLLERÅSEN STÄLLVERK..
  • September 20th: The link between Kalmar and Bergkvara was down due to an unannounced maintenance by fiber provider.
  • September 9th: The link to RA Ramsele went down due to unannounced maintenance carried out by provider.
  • August 31st: The link between NMA5 (Nordmaling) - OVK5 (Örnsköldsvik) went down due to a damaged fiber. Solved with changing to another fiber pair, this is a temporary solution until the original fiber is repaired.


  • September 28th: Supplier performed maintenance (resplicing) of fiber between Midskog-Rätan
  • September 21st: Supplier performed rerouting to new fiber.
  • September 16th: Provider performed cable splicing in Hemsjö.
  • September 15th: Fiber provider performed cable splicing in Hemsjö.
  • September 15th: Fiber provider performed cable replacement in Hemsjö.
  • September 15th: Issues after a maintenance on the 100G link between Stockholm (TUG) and Uninett (USI). RFO was incorrectly connected cables in the splice box
  • September 13th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance in Svappavaara.
  • September 10th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance in the stretch between Älvsbyn and Åkroken.
  • September 10th: The ROADM in Borgvik (BVK1-RM1) was raising an equipment removed alarm. Solved with re-seat of ROADM.
  • September 9th: Fiber provider performed resplicing of cable due to damage.
  • September 9th: Supplier carried out reconstruction maintenance and resplice of fiber cables on the stretch between Midskog (MID1) and Östersund (OSD).
  • September 8th: Supplier carried out cable maintenance due to construction site in Hedenlunda.
  • September 2nd: LLA1 ADVA node raised an equipment removed alarm on the 1-14 ROADM.
    To solve this issue we replaced the module.






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