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  • June 23rd: Customer called and reported that RA in Ramsele is unreachable. Issue was caused by a big fault after a planned maintenance by IT-Norrbotten
  • June 17th: Link between JFS - KGV11 went down.
    RFO unknown.
  • June 16th: We noticed an optical signal fail alarm on AJR22.
    Provider has change a splice-box and we have now gained our lost 4db.
  • June 16th: No connection for RA in Ramsele due to a fiber cut.
  • June 12th: We had FPC errors on the router. We resolved the issue by rebooting the FPC.
  • June 4th: The link between Malmö(mcen1-r1) and Lund(lu-r2) was down. It was due to that tele2 had missed to inform us that the maintenance in SUNETTICKET-6368 was for 2 dates, yesterday and today.
  • June 3rd: The routher kth-r1 was unreachable. After replacing MIC and move the FPC from slot 0 to slot 2 everything worked again.
  • May 25th: FPC 0 XMCHIP 0 reported MTIP register read failures and Ethernet Rx Stats Parity Error. Solved the issue by rebooting FPC0.


  • June 24th: SUNET performed a network maintenance affecting redundancy for the Eidas service.
  • June 23rd: Fiber provider performed fiber troubleshooting on the connection between the nodes KVG11(Kongsvinger) and GAUS23(Oslo) .
  • June 16th: Fiber provider attempted a fix for an attenuation issue showed on a ODTR measurement on the connection between the nodes KVG11(Kongsvinger) and GAUS23(Oslo).
  • June 15th: Supplier rerouted circuits in fiber cable between Karlstad and Trollhättan.
  • June 14th: Provider performed fiber maintenance on the link between SVA (Sundsvall) - MIUN1 (Mittuniversitetet).
  • June 11th: A planned maintenance to replace a card in router sbo-r1 was performed.
  • June 10th: Carrier performed an optimization maintenance in Visby.
  • June 9th: Fiber provider performed rerouting of traffic. Link is restored, a smal outage recorded.
  • June 9th: A planned router upgrade maintenance was performed.
  • June 8th: Supplier performed an optimization maintenance between NKG188 (Norrköping) and KIM2 (Kimstad)
  • June 8th: Supplier performed a relocation of fiber cables in Härnösand.
  • June 1st: Supplier performed network maintenance. Maintenance has been completed.






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