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  • December 18th: The link towards Riksarkivet in Ramsele was down due to misconfiguration by carrier. This has now been fixed
  • December 13th: Router fls-r1 was unreachable due to a disturbance in the transmission service. It has been fixed now and the service is up.
  • December 12th: We saw 'Gain/Tilt abnormal' alarm in OVT1. This has now been fixed.
  • December 7th: The link towards Riksarkivet NNI in Stockholm was down. Service provider solved it by restarting their equipment.
  • November 30th: There was a FPC issue with kmr88-r1 router. This was due to a transient hardware issue. The issue was solved after a restart of the card.
  • November 20th: The connection to Filipstad (fls-r1) was unavailable for some minutes during the night due to unannounced maintenance.
  • November 9th: The router in Orebro, lba-r1, was affected by a FCP issue on FPC9 taking down the link between lba-r1 and oru-r1.The FPC has been stable since last reboot.


  • December 14th: Supplier performed emergency maintenance to troubleshoot and fix decreased optical values n the link between Kiruna and Kalix.
  • December 6th: An optical module in fre-r1 was replaced due to hardware failure.
  • December 4th: Carrier performed fibre maintenance between Kimstad and Tomelilla.
  • December 3rd: Supplier performed maintenance affecting the ethernet capacity for Riksarkivet to FYRVERKARBACKEN 13, STOCKHOLM and KYRKVÄGEN 14, RAMSELE.






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