• March 30th: SUNET backbone link between Västerås and Örebro was down due to a faulty FPC. The FPC is replaced and the links is restored.
  • March 28th: The link between Ånäset - Umeå was down due to fiber cut. Services was restored after fiber repair.
  • March 28th: Link to solar telescope SST su-r1 was down. RFO unknown.
  • March 23rd: The uplink to jfa-c1 went down due to outage after planned maintenance carried out by provider on SUNETTICKET-7680
  • March 19th: Link down between ume8-r1 and sthb-r1 due to outage caused by disturbance in third party optical system.
  • March 16th: The link between Kiruna and Falun went down due to fiber break between Ånge - Laforsen.
  • March 14th: We lost the connection to lin-c1. This was due to a power failure.
  • March 9th: We lost connection with the CPE fbk-c1 for RISE Fiskebäckskil. This was caused by a faulty hardware. Service was restored after hardware change.
  • March 8th: The link between the routers gbg7-r1 - bos-r1 is down due to hardware failure i optical equipment after site migration on SUNETTICKET-7663.
    Solved with replacement of hardware.
  • March 3rd: Connection to sdt-c1 was lost due to provider had a power outage.
  • March 2nd: Fiber between AJR22 (Åkroken), towards AJR2 and AJR2-2 went down. This was caused by an unannounced maintenance.
  • March 2nd: We lost connectivity with cpe mdl-c1. The initial issue was caused by a hardware issue with Tele2s router, that caused firewall issues.
  • February 28th: We observed fiber disturbances on the stretch between Lund and Lyby. RFO not found.


  • March 27th: Supplier performed maintenance work in the fiber between Varla(VLA) and Onsala that affected link between Onsala and Halmstad.
  • March 26th: A faulty card on the router sthb-r2.sunet.se was replaced.
  • March 23rd: Provider performed a planned maintenance on the link between Strömstad - Dingle.
  • March 22nd: Supplier performed a planned maintenance in Järfälla that affected the
    IP-VPN customer to RISE Spjutvägen 5 Järfälla.
  • March 22nd: Provider performed cable work on the link between Borås - Ulricehamn due to relocation of site in Borås.
  • March 14th: Provider performed cable work due to relocation of site in Borås. Everything went as planned.
  • March 9th: Supplier performed cable work between Kiruna - Kalix that affected SUNET backbone.
  • March 9th: The equipment at current Borås core site was migrated over to a new one. Maintenance 2 of 2 has been completed.
  • March 8th: The equipment at current Borås core site was migrated over to a new one. Maintenance 1 of 2 has been completed.
  • March 7th: The NORDUnet alienwaves (AW) with optical paths passing through the SUNET site in Borås were re-routed to an alternative path during the course of the site migration.
  • March 3rd: Provider upgraded the Switching control boards (SCB) on the their router in London. That affected MS Express for LTU and GIH.






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