• December 24th: SwedenConnect Metadata and eIDAS Metadata was unavailable.
  • December 20th: Link was down between Holmagärde (HGE) and Halmstad (HSD1) after planed maintenance by supplier. Issue solved after restart and then recalibration of optical modules.
  • December 10th: The link between Arvidsjaur - Åkroken went down. The outage were due to a 7db loss.
  • December 10th: RISE CPE pta-c3 went down due to fiber break caused by a fire.
  • December 8th: The core link between Växjö and Lund was down due to fiber cut. Service restored after provider repaired the fiber.
  • December 2nd: The link between Ånäset and Umeå was down due to an unannounced maintenance.
  • November 24th: After a fiber maintenance in Kongsvinger, we observed issue with the fiber on the stretch between Kongsvinger and Oslo. Several OTDR measurements were performed to locate the fault and fiber issue was later resolved by cleaning the patches. All services were restored and are stable.


  • December 20th: Carrier performed maintenance between Holmagärde (HGE) and Halmstad (HSD1).
  • December 15th: Provider performed mandatory maintenance due to construction work.
    This affect the link between Tulegatan - Karolinska Institutet.
  • December 15th: Provider performed a planned maintenance that affect the link between Kiruna - Kalix.
  • December 14th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance in Kiruna(KIR5-KIR1).
  • December 14th: SUNET performed an emergency hardware maintenance to restart FPC-card in router hv-r2 to solve an ongoing issue.
  • December 13th: Provider performed a fiber maintenance on the circuit between Vårsta - Eskilstuna.
  • December 8th: Supplier performed a fiber maintenance on link between Umeå - Ånäset.
  • December 6th: The MPLS - L3VPN Customer Connection to SMVK changed the IP tonight.
  • December 1st: Provider performed an optimization maintenance.






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