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  • 202108 - Public report
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  • August 28th: SwedenConnect Metadata and eIDAS Metadata in QA environment became unavailable. We had to add a new security group on iaas dashboard.
  • August 25th: Link between Karlstad and Luleå was down due to unannounced maintenance work from sub-provider
  • August 22nd: An emergency fiber maintenance caused an outage on the link between Luleå and LTU.
  • August 20th: Circuit provider performed emergency maintenance work on JGN Tokyo AP switch.
  • August 19th: A fiber break in Botkyrka caused outages on multiple links. Fiber was repaired and services restored.
  • August 19th: There was a fiber break in Luleå/Boden. Reason for outage was a dug up/broken cable due to digging work in the area.
  • August 13th: FPC2 in the router sthb-r2 was down due to hard errors. The faulty card has been replaced.
  • August 7th: The router was unreachable for aprox. 10 minutes. It was due to a power outage. In the aftermath of this, the FPC 5 became unresponsive and we had to replace it.
  • August 5th: The link between SUNET and the Södertörns Högskola router was down. The outage was due to a major fiber break affecting great part of Stockholm.
  • August 5th: The link between ESH Ersta Campus and SUNET was down due to a fiber outage.
  • August 5th: Suspected fiber break between Svappavaara and Pajala. RFO from provider:
    Subprovider cable outage
  • July 23rd: FPC 2 at the Sundsvall router restarted and took down it's connections.


  • August 30th: Supplier performed maintenance on a power substation in Sveg.
  • August 26th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance on site JKK1 affecting Backbone link between kiruna-falun and kiruna-luleå
  • August 26th: Supplier rerouted traffic due to cable work at the VLA site on cable going to HGE
  • August 13th: The router in Stockholm was upgraded with new hardware.
  • August 13th: SUNET performed an emergency maintenance to assess the stability of core router in Stockholm after the network issues reported on SUNETTICKET-6918.
  • August 4th: SUNET was experiencing routing issues on the central router in Sthlm. The issues are now resolved and the traffic is restored.
  • August 4th: Supplier performed a fiber maintenance in the stretch between Storfinnforsen and Lavsjö.






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