• August 23rd: An unannounced planned maintenance was carriued out on the fiber stretch between Norrköping and Kimstad.
  • August 12th: The link between Narvik (KIR5) and Abisko (KIR1) was down due to an unannounced planned work on the fiber.
  • August 6th: There was an outage on the fiber between Kåbdalis (JKK2) and Arvidsjaur (AJR2) due to a fiber break.
  • August 4th: Outage on the link between Karlstad (kar1-r1) and Örebro (lba-r1).
  • July 31st: Temperature was critical at the site in Skövde. Two extra cooling units was installed and temperature is now stable again.
  • July 29th: The link between ORU1 and LB1 was down. The reason was faulty hardware in LBA-R1. After we replaced MIC and CFP the link is stable again.


  • August 31st: Optical amplification components in Stenkullen and Borås was replaced
  • August 26th: Supplier performed maintenance on the ethernet capacity to Filipstad
  • August 22nd: Provider performed a fiber maintenance.
  • August 22nd: Sunet Adobe Connect was upgraded to version 9.8.1.
  • August 19th: Supplier carried out maintenance in their network.
  • August 15th: Fiber provider performed planned fiber maintenance.
  • August 12th: Fiber supplier performed maintenance between Haparanda (HPA1) and Övertorneå (OVT2).
  • August 3rd: A faulty CFP in our router in Gävle was replaced






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