• January 25th: The link to UU2 was down. The reason was an unannounced planned maintenance by 3rd party supplier that didn't reconnect the fiber correctly.
  • January 24th: Riksarkivet Fränsta was down due to a fiber break.
  • January 16th: Link to UMU2 from our router in Sundsvall was down. The link came up after MIC to the corresponding interface was restarted. Later the optics of the card was replaced.
  • December 23rd: Our router in Stockholm tug-r1 was unreachable due to a bug that will be fixed in a later release.
  • December 22nd: We had Errors on the FPC towards GU causing the BGP session to go down. Resolved by restarting the FPC and later replaced the FPC.



  • January 29th: A planned software maintenance was performed on Sunet Adobe Connect system.
  • January 25th: The Zoom service was unavailable due to a planned switch maintenance in ORE, DK.
  • January 17th: Subprovider performed fiber maintenance affecting the stretch between Holmagärde (HGE) and Halmstad (HSD1).
  • January 16th: Zoom servers are moved to a new network.
  • January 15th: A faulty card in the router gbg7-r2.sunet.se in Gothenburg was replaced.
  • January 8th: Software upgrade was performed on our core router in Gävle (sbo-r1).
  • January 2nd: A planned software maintenance was performed on SUNET Adobe Connect system.






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