• March 29th: The link to DDB from Kalix was down due to a fiber problem. The fiber provider has now fixed the problem and the service is restored.
  • March 25th: We were experiencing flaps on FPC0 on tug-r2.nordu.net router. The line card was replaced to fix the issue.
  • March 21st: The link between SMHI2 and LIU went down due to power outage in Norrköping.
  • March 16th: Link went down due to bad optical levels. Provider fixed the issue and the optical level are restored.
  • March 15th: The link between Örebro core router and ORU1 was down.
  • March 6th: The core router in Jönköping switched routing engine, RC unknown.
  • February 24th: The link between Svappavaara and Junosuando was down. Our provider fixed the issue and links are up. The OTDR and RFO are followed in SUNETTICKET-4202.


  • March 31st: Two new switches were installed in Uppsala. The 1G ports on the router uu-r2 were migrated into the new switch uu-sw2.
    Migration of uu-br1 into the uu-sw1 will be done at a later stage.
  • March 29th: Fiber supplier performed fiber maintenance between Trollhättan and Göteborg.
  • March 29th: Faulty line card replaced on the router in Stockholm.
  • March 28th: SIPRI is moved over to a new link towards SUNET-C.
  • March 27th: Provider performed maintenance between the sites BOS-LJE2.
  • March 26th: Fiber supplier performed fiber maintenance between Abisko and Kiruna.
  • March 23rd: The maintenance was performed, and there was traffic between SUNET-C and SIPRI. However, the hosts at SIPRI were not able to reach any sites outside the SUNET network due to a most likely firewall issue. The traffic is diverted back to the old fiber and a new attempt will be made on a new date.
  • March 22nd: The fiber migration was cancelled and will be taken on a new date. SIPRI prefers to perform it after working hours.
  • March 17th: Supplier investigated the fiber between Sundsvall and MIUN1 for fault searching.
  • March 16th: Fiber provider performed maintenance in Stockholm affecting RKH and SH.
  • March 16th: Fiber provider performed maintenance between Karsefors (KFS) and Mörarp (MAP2)
  • March 15th: Supplier performed planned power works on an optical line between Kolbotten and Hedenlunda.
  • March 14th: The router in Trollhättan, hv-r1, was upgraded with a new software release to solve some issues.
  • March 14th: Fiber provider performed fiber maintenance between Borås and Ulricehamn
  • March 14th: The maintenance is over. We have lesser attenuation on both directions.
  • March 13th: The core router in Västerås was upgraded with a new software release.
  • March 9th: Supplier did fiber work on the stretch between Luleå and Piteå.
  • March 7th: A fiber work was carried out in Örebro.
  • March 6th: Fiber provider perform a planned maintenance on the stretch between Kiruna and Junosuando.
  • March 2nd: Maintenance adding the DVD site in the NMS is finished.
  • March 2nd: A new site was planned to be added between Norrköping and Hedenlunda but the work had to be cancelled due to wrong power cables shipped from equipment provider.






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