• January 27th: Switch connected to server hosting service was rebooted.
  • January 16th: One of the links to LNU in Växjö  was down. The link restored after restart of the interface card.
  • January 11th: FPC 0 on ltu-r1 went offline that caused a short outage for LTU. Reseat of the FPC resolved the issue.
  • November 17th: All the FPCs on router hh-r2 lost connectivity to the routing engine for a short time. No cause found yet, supplier still investigating the issue.


  • January 31st: Supplier performed emergency maintenance on the link between Kalix and Haparanda.
  • January 27th: A switch in TUG was rebooted.
  • January 26th: A planned maintenance Optimization of Sunet darkfiber link between Örebro and Löa was performed.
  • January 25th: Supplier perform fiber measurements between Varla and Onsala.
  • January 18th: Cleaning was done on one of the MDH links
  • January 18th: Carrier performed planned maintenance affecting the link between Göteborg and Borås.
  • January 17th: Carrier performed planned maintenance affecting the link between Kiruna(KIR3) and Rensjön (KIR2).
  • January 17th: An emergency maintenance on Sunet Adobe Connect system was performed.
  • January 10th: Supplier performed a planned maintenance in their network.
  • January 9th: The transmission component at Eskilstuna which reported a "voltage out of a range" alarm was replaced.






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