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  • 201612 - Public report
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  • December 15th: We had a loss of signal in Litslena in old OPTOSUNET network. The problem has now been fixed.
  • December 13th: A maintenance caused an outage on one of the links between LNU in Växjö and SUNET-C.
  • December 6th: The link between Narvik-Luleå was flapping. The reason was a bad fiber between Hakkas and Överkalix which was replaced with another fiber pair.
  • December 4th: Due to high temperature at site LLA1 in Luleå all equipment located there lost connectivity for a while until the cooling was fixed.


  • December 15th: A planned maintenance was carried out on RAMAN in Sundsvall.
  • December 14th: Optimization of link was carried out between Härnösand and Sundsvall.
  • December 13th: Supplier performed maintenance on the old OPTOSUNET fiber in Växjö.
  • December 13th: Optimization of link was carried out between Sundsvall and Nysäter.
  • December 12th: Fiber provider in Sweden performed repair work at the Gällivare site in order to reduce reflection on the fiber between Gällivare and Jokkmokk.
  • December 11th: Supplier performed maintenance on their network.Link between växjö and visby were affected.
  • December 8th: Supplier performed a planned rerouting of cable maintenance due to construction work, Stockholm.
  • December 8th: Supplier performed a planned maintenance on their network that affected link between SUNET-C and SH2.
  • December 2nd: IPNett and ADVA troubleshooted pending NMS issues.






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