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  • 201611 - Public report
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  • November 29th: We experienced loss of signal alarms between Narvik and Kiruna. This was due to bad quality of the fiber (SUNETTICKET-3934). Alarms cleared after the light level was increased by the amplifiers located on both ends of the fiber.
  • November 15th: The link between Karlstad and Trolhättan was down. Amplifier in Mellerud was replaced and service has restored.
  • November 10th: The link between ORU-r2 and SUNET core was down. And the link between Västerås and Örebro as well. It was related to planned maintenance in SUNETTICKET-3969.
  • October 26th: The loss of connectivity was due to routing issue on mdh-r1 router and planned work on mdh-r2.


  • November 29th: A planned storage maintenance was performed on connect beta system.
  • November 27th: Carrier performed cable maintenance
  • November 25th: A card was reseated in Kalmar in order to fix interface errors.
  • November 21st: SMVK is migrated from optosunet to SUNET-C.
  • November 20th: Fiber supplier performed cable maintenance in Kungälv.
  • November 16th: Recalibration of the RAMAN amplifier in Gällivare was carried out.
  • November 15th: A router in Västerås was upgraded to a new software release.
  • November 15th: Carrier performed fiber patch cleaning at the Karlskrona site (KKA8) affecting the stretch between Karlskrona and Kalmar.
  • November 15th: We did some testing on FPC1 and 11 card in router
  • November 10th: A new ILA site in Överby (OBY3) was created between Litslena(LLE3) and TUG
  • November 9th: A new ILA site in Överby (OBY2) created between Hamra and TUG.
  • November 7th: Supplier performed relocation of circuits and resplice of cable in Njurunda, affecting the green north network.
  • November 6th: Carrier performed a move of canalization, Aneby-Marbäck. This affected the south green network.






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