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  • 201609 - Public report
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  • September 29th: The green link to IRF was down due to an emergency fiber maintenance in Kiruna.
  • September 28th: The link towards UNINETT in Narvik was down due to two cable issues. One north of Narvik and the other one caused by fiber provider in Sweden.
  • September 27th: The green link to HV and BGP session with them was down for few minutes because of power restart of our optical node in Lidköping.
  • September 25th: Link between Kiruna and TUG was down due to an unannounced maintenance in Gällivare
  • September 20th: Fiber break in the northern parts of Sweden. Between Luleå and Överkalix
  • August 29th: We noticed performance issues during high user load on SUNET connect service. Service is stable after we migrated application servers from virtual environment to physical ones.
  • August 27th: The link from SUNET Green to HV was unstable for a short while. No RFO found.


  • September 29th: IPNett performed an emergency maintenance to improve the fiber quality between TUG and KTH.
  • September 29th: IPNett perform an emergency maintenance to improve the fiber quality in TUG towards MDH-R2.
  • September 28th: We replaced faulty hardware in an optical node in Lidköping.
  • September 28th: Fiber inspection on the new network SUNET-C was performed in Stockholm (TUG) .
  • September 25th: Fiber supplier performed a planned replacement of fiber to new OPGW, Hälsjö-Näsviken.
  • September 12th: The application servers for connect service was migrated to the physical ones.
  • September 8th: An optimization work was performed on one of the connect database servers and all the application servers were rebooted.






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