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  • 201606 - Public report
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  • June 16th: The green link between Kalmar POP and HIK was unstable between 18:50 UTC and 19:35 UTC. The circuit has been stable since then, but it was not possible to retrieve a reason for outage.
  • June 15th: Green link between MIUN and Fredhäll was down. Supplier swapped the fiber and restored connectivity.
  • June 13th: We experienced link down towards GSIX,GU,CTH on the SUNET WEST network due to an unannounced maintenance by the fiber provider.
  • June 8th: A faulty fiber caused an outage on the red link between SUNET and Umeå. Faulty fiber was replaced and link restored.
  • June 7th: A faulty fiber caused an outage on the SUNET core link between z5krn and m1tug.
  • June 6th: "Equipment malfunction" alarm on WR_CS1_G_IMP component 1-1-8 was cleared after a fiber maintenance was done by the provider and the amplifier was reset
  • June 4th: The link to SLU Alnarp was down due to a power outage. The services are now restored.
  • June 3rd: The link to NORDGEN went down at 12:57 UTC on 03.06.2016 and 20:18 UTC on 04.06.2016. The outages was due to power outage. All services are restored now.
  • June 3rd: Connection between LTU and Bergsskolan in Filipstad was down due to a power outage on site. All services are now restored.
  • June 1st: FPC 4 restarted of x1fre because of a data cache parity error. It was normal memory error problem which got rectified after FPC reboot. If this issue occurs 2nd time then RMA can be done.
  • May 26th: We had a degraded signal between Gävle and Vittersjö on the north red network. Fiber supplier performed OTDR measurements, noticed a fault and fixed the problem.


  • June 30th: Emergency patch maintenance was carried out in Sandviken.
  • June 20th: Supplier performed repair of fiber cable in the west red network between Svenäcker and Mellerud. All services are restored again.
  • June 14th: The SUNET core router located on Tulegatan in Stockholm was upgraded to a new software release.
  • June 5th: Supplier performed maintenance on fiber cables in Sundsvall.






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