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  • April 29th: After the fiber work tracked in SUNETTICKET-3191, our services were still down. A broken fiber was found and repaired.
  • April 24th: There was a fibre break on the south green network between Hässleholm and Lund. This has now been fixed.
  • April 20th: There was a fibre damage outside Kristianstad. The damagem has been repaired and everything is up and running.
  • April 15th: We had a fiber cut on the south red network. This has been respliced.
  • April 12th: One of the 10G links on the red network to UMU was down. Solved by restarting the F10-T card in NR_422_Um_Cy.
  • April 3rd: A broken card on the DWDM node in Örebro was replaced
  • April 2nd: Faulty transponder caused the The green link to MAH from SUNET to go down.


  • April 28th: Carrier performed a planned cable maintenance between Kimstad and Linghem
  • April 26th: Supplier performed reconnections in Gothenburg.
  • April 19th: Carrier performed a planned maintenance
  • April 12th: Supplier did a planned maintenance. Replacement of hardware, Kista-Vreten Stockholm area.






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