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  • 201501 - Public report
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  • January 26th: The faulty fibre is repaired and the circuit is now running error-free
  • January 20th: There was a fiber break between Bålsta and Västerås which affected the west green network.
  • January 20th: There was a fiber break between Sävja and Västerås on the west red network.
  • January 10th: We had a fiber break between Linköping and Norsholm. Carrier fixed the fiber and all services have restored.
  • December 31st: We had an outage on the south red network. The reason was a fibre cut between Tornby and Kimsta. After fibre was repaired all links was restored.
  • December 22nd: One of the 10G links between umu-br1 and SUNET on the green network was flapping. After replacing a XFP and performed a MIC restart the link has been stable.


  • January 25th: Planned maintenance completed without problems.
  • January 22nd: Supplier performed a planned emergency repair of severe damaged airbourne fiber cable between Tornby-Linghem.
  • January 14th: A fiber measurement was performed in order to troubleshoot a degraded signal.






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