• April 28th: Two colliding planned maintenance caused an outage on the link to IRF and LTU.
  • April 27th: A broken rectifier in the site in Ulrichehamn caused an outage on the west green network.
  • April 21st: The red link to MAH did not restore after unannounced fiber maintenance. After reboot of transmission cards and rebuilt of cross-connects, the connectivity was restored.
    April 18th : A broken transmission card on the green network in Luleå  caused an outage on the SUNET backbone link between Luleå and Kiruna.
  • April 14th: The north red network was down due to a fiber break outside Stockholm.
  • April 4th: One of the transmission node in Fredhäll was stuck in a reboot-loop after firmware upgrade. After replacement of both controller card and flash card, the node was back up.
  • April 2nd: The interface between LNU and Stockholm on the red network flapped. Reason for outage was not found.


  • April 28th: Carrier performed a planned fiber maintenance outside Luleå.
  • April 9th: A broken transmission card in Luleå was replaced on the north red network.
  • April 8th: Supplier performed a planned maintenance in Malmö.






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