• June 25th: We noticed a short downtime on the West Red network. The reason for the outage was a fiber issue near Örebro. A longer outage was later seen when fiber splicing took place.
  • June 25th: The red access fiber to Linköpings Universitet was cut by an excavator.
  • June 22nd: An outage between Kiruna and Luleå was caused by a damaged fiber pair. Our circuit was moved to another fiber pair and the service was restored.
  • June 20th: The red link to KTH did not come back up after a planned maintenance. The reason was a broken transponder card which was changed with a new working one.
  • June 18th: There was an outage on the stretch between Luleå and Kiruna between.The reason for this outage was our provider started to do a measurement and thought the link was protected. When they noticed it was not protected they aborted the measurement.
  • June 14th: There was an outage caused by an unannounced planned maintenance in Uppsala.
  • June 12th: E-VPN service between Fränsta and Stockholm was down due to a power outage.
  • June 3rd: An unannounced planned maintenance caused outages on the North Red network between Gävle and Hoforshus.
  • May 30th: There was a brief outage on the red link between SUNET and CTH. No RFO could be found.


  • June 28th: A transmission node in Västerås was upgraded; the upgrade process was prolonged due to software and hardware incompatibility.
  • June 20th: One of the routing-engines in router m1tug.sunet.se was upgraded in order fix SNMP abnormalities.
  • June 18th: Our provider performed a planned fiber maintenance on the green network in Göteborg.
  • June 14th: There was a planned fiber maintenance in Göteborg that affected CTH and GU.
  • June 6th: A planned SUNET router software upgrade was performed.
  • June 5th: Maintenance was performed to restore management to a transmission node in the South Green network.
  • June 4th: Planned software upgrade of the transmission nodes in the South Green network was performed.
  • June 3rd: Our supplier has performed fiber work on the stretch between Luleå and Kiruna.






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