• April 24th: A faulty transmission card caused an outage on HH's green link to SUNET.
  • April 24th: The outage on the green network to HH was caused by a faulty transmission card which was replaced.
  • April 17th: One of the links to LTU was down due to a fiber break in Luleå.
  • April 11th: A faulty transmission card caused several outages in the green network in Umeå. The faulty card has been replaced.
  • April 4th: A software bug triggered FPC restart in the router causing a short outage on the link to Onsala.
  • April 3rd: One of our core routers (m1tug) did a hard routing-engine switch causing downtime for connected customers until the backup routing-engine automatically became active.
    The routing-engine switch was caused by a human error on site.
  • March 28th: The CPE routers at KTH crashed simultaneously due to a software bug. This caused a brief total outage for KTH as well as a longer loss of redundancy.


  • April 25th: Planned work was performed to remove an attenuator from transmission equipment in Tuggen.
  • April 25th: The connection between OSO and JIVE/LOFAR was migrated to a new hardware platform.
  • April 24th: Software upgrade was performed on a SUNET transmission node in Stockholm.
  • April 24th: The software on the transmission equipment between Luleå and Narvik has been upgraded.
  • April 23rd: The "red" CPE router at KTH has been upgraded to the latest software version.
  • April 23rd: Software and hardware upgrades were performed on one of the core SUNET routers.
  • April 22nd: There was a fiber work in the stretch between Eslöv and Hässleholm.
  • April 19th: A SUNET core link was rerouted.
  • April 17th: A planned maintenance trying to restore management in a transmission node in Stockholm was performed. Unfortunately it was not successful.
  • April 17th: A controller card was replaced on transmission equipment in Stockholm in order to restore management for 2 nodes.
  • April 10th: A SUNET router in Skövde was replaced.
  • April 10th: A core SUNET router was upgraded.
  • April 2nd: Our supplier performed a planned fiber maintenance on the stretch between Luleå and Kiruna.






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Total onåbarhet för redundant anslutna kunder: 4 minuter. 

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