n. Lobber (clobber, clabber) a form of curdled milk. In Swedish lobber is called filbunke which in English translates as "bowl of files".
v. Lobber (lobbering) To send data using the Lobber service.

Lobber is a BitTorrent service designed to be deployed with federated authentication in order to deliver a simple data distribution service. Lobber was designed and built with the needs of most research and education federations in mind. Lobber is built with ease of use and integration in mind.

Lobber was funded by SUNET and NORDUnet.

Lobber source code is released under a BSD license.

Also check out our roadmap and learn about other projects contributing to Lobber.


The Lobber project is now discontinued.

Lobber consists of several components:


The web UI

source code


The java web start client

source code


The reference lobber storage node

source code


A Deluge plugin for automatic download and core functionality

source code

Development history in our JIRA project.


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