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  • October 12th: Outages to LIU on the green network was resolved by a hard reboot of the transmission card. The link has been stable since the reboot.
  • October 6th: A software bug in the border router in Västerås caused an outage on the green network to MDH and MDFNET. The router software was upgraded to solve the issue.
  • October 1st: The green link to MDH went down. The reason was a broken card in transmission equipment located in the Västerås pop site.
  • September 25th: An outage was noticed on the green link towards DU. Reason for outage was not found.
  • September 19th: Power failure at the carrier´s site at StoraFinskfors caused an outage on the dedicated wavelength service to MIUN.


  • October 28th: Supplier performed a planned fiber maintenance in Bålsta on west green network.
  • October 25th: The fiber work was carried out in the stretch between Boden and Åkroken.
  • October 24th: A service affecting site intervention was carried out on the south green link between Linköping and Sundhultsbrunn.
  • October 21st: Supplier performed a planned maintenance in Bålsta on the west green network.
  • October 17th: Software upgrade was performed in router x1sth.
  • October 11th: A software upgrade was performed on router kth-br1 in order to fix a bug.
  • October 11th: Internal fiber work was carried out in the tranmission equipment in Löa.
  • October 11th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance on the south green network between Linköping and Sundhultsbrunn.
  • October 10th: Planned maintenance was performed to troubleshoot an alarm in transmission equipment in Trollhättan.






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