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  • 202111 - Public report
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  • November 22nd: The link between Göteborg and Uddevalla went down due to a unannounced maintenance carried out by circuit provider.
  • November 22nd: Link between bos-r1 and hb-r1 was down and after a FPC restart, link was restored and has been stable.
  • November 19th: The link to Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm, sthb-r2 went down due to power outage in Bromma.
  • November 18th: Link between Tulegatan - Konstnärsnämnden was down due to power outage.
  • November 16th: The core link between Trollhättan and Karlstad went down due to a transient memory error on FPC0. Connection was restored after restart of the FPC.
  • November 12th: Link between Växjö and Jönköping was down due to a fiber cut.
  • November 11th: The link between LNU5 and Växjö went down as the technician removed the wrong card during the work in SUNETTICKET-7478.
  • November 11th: The link from Sthb to Umeå via FUNET went down due to work from FUNET and SUNET.
  • October 23rd: FPC1 became unresponsive and this caused a restart of FPC1. This caused a short outage on the link between Kiruna and Luleå. Juniper says that this one-time occurrence and no more problems have been observed.


  • November 29th: Provider performed an emergency maintenance to carry out OTDR-messurments on the link between Oslo - Kongsvinger. we can see high attenuation on the fiber around 20km from Oslo. We will need to clean the fiber and see if that helps. We will create a new emergency ticket for that, when we know when it will happen.
  • November 23rd: Supplier performed a cable work between KGV11 - JFS. After the maintenance there are still outage affecting the impacted services this will be investigated further on SUNETTICKET-7518
  • November 18th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance that affected link to customer RISE CPE kis-c1.
  • November 18th: Supplier performed maintenance on link between VLA (Varla) and HGE (Holmagärde).
  • November 17th: Supplier performed rerouting maintenance that affected the link between Holmagärde - Halmstad.
  • November 11th: A router at customer MDH was upgraded to a new software release.
  • November 10th: Provider performed hardware replacement that affected the link between Visby and Norrköping.
  • November 10th: Supplier perform maintenance on fiber section between VLA (Varla) and HGE (Holmagärde).
  • November 9th: Supplier performed rerouting maintenance that affected the link between Holmagärde - Halmstad.
  • November 2nd: Service Provider performed an infrastructure maintenance on fiber trunks in Gothenburg.
  • November 2nd: Supplier performed fiber maintenance on link between Älvsbyn and Boden.
  • November 2nd: The JKG-TR2 card was upgraded to a new software release. Only management was affected.
  • November 1st: Due to construction works, fiber provider performed optimisation maintenance.
  • October 31st: Service provider performed fiber maintenance between Halmstad and Gothenburg






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