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  • September 25th: The link between GLV1 (Gällivare) and JKK1 (Jokkmokk) had a two short flaps. No RFO found.
  • September 12th: Dark Fiber between Linköping and Norrköping was down. The link has restored since 14:54 UTC, 12th Sept.
  • September 8th: The core link between Växjö and Lund was down. We restarted the FPC to restore the link.
  • September 3rd: A short flap was noticed on the fiber stretch between Himmeta and Västerås. No RFO was found.


  • September 25th: SW vendor performed software update on crowd
  • September 24th: Following an alarm on our transmission equipment in Borlänge (BOR10), we needed to replace an internal fiber patch and eventually an amplifier card.
  • September 16th: Fiber provider performed a planned fiber maintenance between Älvsbyn and Åkroken.
  • September 16th: Fiber provider cut and spliced a cable between Gargnäs and Arvidsjaur.
  • September 14th: The ILA site in Borgvik (BVK2) was decommissioned and the fiber towards Torsby (TOY1) was migrated to Borgvik 1 site (BVK1).
  • September 13th: The ILA site in Borgvik (BVK1) was optimised to a ROADM. New hardware was installed and the fiber connections were moved there.
  • September 12th: Fiber supplier will perform fiber maintenance in Västerås. This affected the link between mdh-r1 and fsn2-r2.
  • September 11th: We performed router software upgrade on our router KAU1-R1
  • September 3rd: We performed troubleshooting on interface between lba-r1 and fsn2-r1 which caused an interface flap.
  • September 2nd: Fiber provider planned to cut and splice a cable between Gargnäs and Arvidsjaur, but the maintenance was postponed.






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