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  • March 31st: The link between Västerås - Stockholm was down due to a faulty optical card. The card is now replaced and all affected circuits are restored.
  • March 30th: The router at Örebro universitet (ORU) was unreachable due to a faulty line card. The card was replaced and service is restored.
  • March 30th: Link between Riksarkivet in Ramsele and Stockholm was down Third party restored the service.
  • March 27th: The dark fiber between Jonköping and Rusken had a few seconds flap. RFO unknown
  • March 25th: The dark fiber between Ballerup and Mörarp had an outage, fibre was repaired.
  • March 19th: Link flapp between Jössefors - Kongsvinger, RFO unknown.
  • March 18th: Dark fiber between Växjö and Visby went down. Due to unannounced planned work.
  • March 15th: The link between Stockholm and Norrköping was down. Link is back up after change of faulty card.
  • March 9th: The link between Örebro and Västerås had an outage due to unannounced planned work.
  • February 22nd: We lost connection to router fls-r1 in Filipstad for a while. No RFO found.


  • March 27th: Supplier performed network maintenance, relocation of fiber on the Hjälta-Norrtjärn link.
  • March 16th: Performed sw upgrade of uu-r2.
  • March 11th: Supplier performed cable maintenance between Växjö and Visby.
  • March 4th: Investigation was performed to diagnose fiber or hardware problem.
  • March 3rd: Supplier performed fiber testing on the stretch between Litslena and Uppsala.






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