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  • June 14th: The link between liu-r2 and nkg188-r1 was down due to a faulty FPC.
  • June 13th: One of the links to Visby was down due to hardware issues at the service provider.
  • June 12th: Fibre break between Jokkmokk and Kåbdalis
  • June 11th: The link between Lund and SLU Alnarp was down due to an unannounced maintenance.
  • June 11th: Router hig-r2 was unresponsive due to power outage at HIG.
  • June 8th: PFE error on vxj-r1-re0 fpc11, the FPC has been changed and the errors are gone.
  • June 5th: The link between Umeå and Sundsvall was down due to a fiber break. Fiber was repaired and the services have restored.
  • June 3rd: The fiber between Göteborg (GBG7) and Kungsbacka (VLA) flapped for 1 minute. RFO not found.
  • April 25th: The fiber between Göteborg (GBG7) and Kungsbacka (VLA) went down due to major fiber break in the area.


  • June 26th: Supplier performed cable maintenance between Göteborg (GBG7) and Varla (VLA).
  • June 24th: The following routers was upgraded to a new software release:,,,,
  • June 23rd: Supplier performed maintenance on their network between Västerås (FSN2) and MDH2.
  • June 19th: The routers in Kalix( and Luleå ( was upgraded.
  • June 18th: Carrier performed fiber works on the link between Norrköping and Stockholm.
  • June 17th: The following routers was upgraded to a new software release:,,,,,
  • June 12th: Adobe Connect was upgraded to 10.2.
  • June 5th: The shared storage for Adobe Connect was migrated to a new hardware.
  • June 3rd: Fiber supplier performed a fiber maintenance in the fiber link between Frinnaryd and Jönköping.






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