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  • April 29th: Link down between OVT1 and PAJ2 due to unannounced maintenance by fiber supplier.
  • April 28th: The link between routers oru-r1 - lba-r1 went down due to a broken PIC-card in oru-r1.
  • April 22nd: vst-c1 rebooted. RFO unknown.
  • April 20th: The link down between Västerås - Stockholm was down due to high attenuation in one of the fiber stretches. The fiber has been moved over to a new pair.
  • April 19th: There was a 10 minute flap on the services running on the fiber stretch between Hamra and Överby. This was due to fiberpatches that had been squeezed and damaged.
  • April 15th: The link to SLU-SKARA is down. RFO unknown
  • April 15th: A brief outage on the link between Kristianstad - Hemsjö.
  • April 14th:The link between GBG7 - VLA flapped.
  • April 13th: VPN of Härnösand was unreachable. The Service Provider has replaced equipment and parts and the service is now working.
  • April 12th: The link between Kiruna and Kalix went down due unannounced maintenance by supplier. After the maintenance a fibre break was detected between Pajala - Overtornea which now has been resolved.
  • April 6th: The link towards RA - Ramsele went down. This was due to a planned maintenance done by a subcontractor for Tele2
  • March 31st: The link between UPA (Uppsala) - LLE3 (Litslena) flapped.


  • April 29th: Fiber supplier performed an emergency maintenance and moved the connection between Vårsta - Eskilstuna to new fiber pair.
  • April 28th: SUNET performed an upgrade on the gbg7-r2 router.
  • April 25th: Supplier performed urgent cable work.
  • April 22nd: Supplier performed mandatory opto cable maintenance between Glan-Dövestad.
  • April 10th: Supplier performed fiber maintenance on the stretch between Norrtjärn - Tuggen.
  • April 8th: Supplier performed rerouting maintenance. That affect the link between Varla(VLA) - Holmagärde(HGE).
  • March 31st: kis-c1 was upgraded to new software release.
  • March 24th: Tele2 perform rerouting maintenance. This affected the fiber stretch LND88 (Lund) and LYB (Lyby).






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