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  • November 29th: The ethernet capacity link for RA between Stockholm and Fränsta was down due to fiber cut which is fixed now.
  • November 28th: Users experienced intermittent problems with Kaltura between 03:00-08:00 local time. Problem has been resolved.
  • November 26th: The backbone link between Växjö and LNU was down. The link is fixed by the fiber provider.
  • November 16th: We experienced a link down between Kolbotten (KOB1) and Hedenlunda (HDA). The fiber has been repaired and the link is up again.
  • November 15th: The link between Kalmar and Kalrskrona were down.The link between BTH2 and Kalmar were down. The reason was power outage in the site BKA.
  • November 10th: The backbone link between Västerås and Stockholm went down due to hardware issue. Hardware changed and link is back up again.


  • November 25th: Supplier performed maintenance on their network. This applied to the stretch between KIR2 (Rensjön) and KIR3 (Kiruna).
  • November 25th: Supplier performed fiber works between KIR4 (Svappavaara) and PAJ1 (Junosuando).
  • November 24th: A power maintenance was performed at HKRT campus affecting HKR2 router.
  • November 21st: We performed reseat and reboot of amplifier in AJR2
  • November 11th: Maintenance to relocate a fiber between Arvidsjaur (AJR2) and JKK2 (Kåbdalis).






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