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  • January 24th: SUNET core link between Växjö and Visby was down due to a fiber cut which is fixed now and the service has restored.
  • January 12th: FPC 0 Major Errors on sbo-r1 FPC was replaced
  • January 15th: FPC0 in gbg7-r1 showed an error which cleared after the FPC card was restarted.
  • January 8th: The link between Kalmar and Karlskrona was down due to a power outage at the site Bergkvara.
  • January 2nd: The link between Kiruna and Falun was down due to power outage in site Vargfors.
  • December 21st: We experienced a link down between kir3-r1 and klx1-r1. RFO is inconclusive but most likely related to a fiber cut at the sub provider..
  • December 17th: The link between irf-r1 and irf-r2 was down due to faulty optical plugs on the router. The plugs have been replaced and the link is up again.


  • January 29th: OTDR Equipment was installed on the GLV1 and JKK1.
  • January 29th: The core router in Halmstad was upgraded to a new software release.
  • January 16th: Faulty memory in one of the servers hosting media services was replaced
  • January 10th: A card was replaced in transmission equipment in Stockholm.






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