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  • August 26th: One of the links to KI was down. It was migrated to STHM B and it is now up agin.
  • August 21st: One of the links to MDH was down due to an unannounced maintenance.
  • August 21st: There was login problem to the Zoom platform for SUNET. The issue was identified and resolved promptly.
  • August 16th: The faulty power supply module has been replaced and alarm has cleared.
  • August 14th: Link was down between hkr-r1 and ksd-r1 due to problems at a site between hkr-r1 and ksd-r1.
  • July 31st: The errors on hv-r1 cleared after FPC restart.
  • July 23rd: NORDUnet backbone and TUNDRA circuit between Luleå and Narvik was down. Sunet backbone between Narvik and Kiruna was down as well. Connectivity is restored.


  • August 28th: The link to ESH was relocated to a new data centre.
  • August 28th: The links between SUNET in Fredhäll and RKH, RA, HHS, SH, SU and KTH were relocated to a new data center.
  • August 27th: A planned path optimization maintenance was performed.
  • August 26th: Fiber supplier swapped fibers between Skövde and Timmersdala.
  • August 22nd: Supplier performed planned maintenance in Kungsbacka.
  • August 21st: Fiber supplier performed fiber maintenance in Kongsvinger, Norway. Affecting our link between Kongsvinger and Oslo.
  • August 14th: 2 routers at customer LNU was upgraded to a new software release.
  • August 13th: 2 routers at customer LNU was upgraded to a new software release.
  • August 12th: Supplier performed planned hardware replacement.
  • August 12th: The dark fibers to BOT1 (vårsta), KOB1 (Kolbotten) and ODE 2(Odensala) from FRE were moved to our new site in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • August 5th: Supplier performed hardware maintenance on their network.






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