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* October 19th: An unannounced planned maintenance by our fibre supplier caused an outage on UMU's red uplink.
* October 19th: A faulty transmission card caused outages for KAU's green uplink to SUNET.
* October 11th: A power outage in Stockholm, followed by a UPS failure caused outages on customer links and services. A complete RFO has been distributed via email.
* October 6th: A faulty 10G aggregation module in one of our transmission nodes in Göteborg caused several outages for CSB. 

* October 26th: A service affecting maintenance was performed in order to resolve an issue with an optical node on the West Green network.
* October 20th: A faulty transponder card in Örebro was replaced. This caused 12 minutes of reduced redundancy to Karlstad Universitet.
* October 19th: A faulty module in Göteborg was replaced affecting CSBs connection to the SUNET red network.
* October 16th: Our supplier performed a planned fiber maintenance in Eslöv affecting the SUNET south green network.
* October 14th: To improve redundancy in the south red network fiber rerouting was performed between Lästringe and Stockholm. The rerouting was successful and all services was restored.
* October 12th: A planned maintenance was performed in order to improve redundancy in the West Red network.






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