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  • August 29th: There was an outage in the West Green network caused by a technician's mistakehuman error at a site in Göteborg.
  • August 28th: There was an outage in west red networkthe West Red network caused by construction work in Borås.
  • August 2nd: There were outage in the north red North Red network caused by faulty transmission equipment.


  • August 29th: SUNET's supplier performed Planned fiber maintenance work work was performed on the stretch between Boden and Åkroken in the North of Sweden. Due to access problems at one of the sites the second part had to be cancelled.Red network.
  • August 28th: Planned fiber work was performed in on the stretch between Örebro and Löa . Unfortunately the work at Löa site couldn't be performed due to access problem for the technician and that part of the maintenance will be rescheduledin the West Green network.
  • August 27th: A transmission card was replaced in Stockholm.
  • August 26th: Our provider has performed fiber maintenance in Stockholm.
  • August 21st: FIber supplier has moved the circuits in Älmhult.August Fiber circuits have been rerouted in Älmhult in the South Green network.
  • August 4th: The Adobe Connect system was upgraded to version 8.2.2.
  • August 1st: A faulty FPC card has been replaced on a SUNET router in Stockholm.






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