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  • January 25th: A fiber break in Borlänge caused an outage on DU´s redundancy.
  • January 23rd: A transmission card restarted in SUNET's equipment in Umeå, causing an outage on the North Red network.
  • January 22nd: There was an outage on the link to HH.
  • January 17th: A router restarted due to a software bug.
  • January 14th: A faulty transmission card caused outages on the link between Kiruna and Luleå. The faulty card has been replaced.
  • January 5th: A transmission card on SUNET's equipment in Tuggen restarted, causing an outage on the NORTH Red network.
  • January 3rd: A software bug caused a SUNET core router to become unreachable.
  • January 3rd: There was a link outage in Halmstad om the South Green network, no reason for the outage was found.


  • January 24th: Emergency maintenance was performed in order to troubleshoot the Adobe Connect issues.
  • January 24th: Planned maintenance was performed in order to test the routing in the NDGF network.
  • January 23rd: SUNET routers were upgraded to a newer JunOS software version.
  • January 23rd: An emergency maintenance was performed in order to replace a faulty amplifier card on a SUNET transmission node in Hakkas.
  • January 18th: A planned software upgrade maintenance on SUNET's Adobe Connect system was performed.
  • January 9th: SUNET's fiber supplier performed cable reconnection work in Stockholm, affecting the West Red and South Red networks.
  • January 7th: Planned maintenance was performed to replace defective hardware on a SUNEt router.






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