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  • February 22nd: Outage A faulty amplifier board caused an outage on the green link to HV was caused by a faulty amplifier board and the board was replaced.
  • February 13th: Outages A faulty card in transmission equipment caused outages in the link between Onsala and CTH was caused by a faulty card which was replaced.
  • February 9th: A router software bug caused hardware restarts, leading to outages on LTU's both uplinks.
  • February 9th: Issues with a transmission node in Linköping caused loss of reduncancy for LiU. After a hard reboot, the service was LIU.
  • February 7th: A router software bug triggered hardware restarts , causing outages for multiple customersLU, KAU, ORU, MIUN, GU, MDH, BTH, LTU, SUNET, CTH, LNU, DU, UU, HH, HJ and LIU.
  • February 7th: The A power outage caused a loss of connectivity to the router in skovde was caused by a power outageSkovde.
  • February 6th: The outage on the 2X1G An unannounced planned maintenance caused outages in the links to Gotland was caused by announced planned maintenance.
  • February 5th: The outage for LiU on the A faulty transmission card in green network was caused by a bad transmission card which was replacedcaused loss of redundancy to LIU.
  • February 4th: Outages A faulty F10-T card caused outages in the link between UmU and NDGF was caused by a faulty F10-T card which was replaced.
  • February 4th: A faulty transmission card was replaced in order to resolve the power restartscaused an outage on the green link to HH.


  • February 27th: Our fiber supplier performed circuit rerouting work on the West Red network between Hanebol and Mellerud.
  • February 22nd: Planned maintenance was performed to replace a SUNET router in Malmö.
  • February 16th: The connection to IRF has been was reconfigured with new equipment.
  • February 13th: Due In order to fix a discovered memory leak in Sendmail "libmilter" library that our mailfilter cluster servers are using we patched all servers in the cluster and performed , a scheduled reboot to make the patching completewas carried out in the mailfilter.
  • February 9th: The software upgrade was performed on the red SUNET router at LTU has been updated.
  • February 8th: The z2klx router has been router located in Kalix was removed from the SUNET topology . Attached and the existing customers were migrated to z1klx.
  • February 6th: A maintenance was carried out in CMS in order to fix a bug.
  • February 6th: A hardware upgrade was performed on one of the SUNET routers in Fredhäll.
  • February 3rd: SUNET upgraded the router ltu-br1 to a Junos version 11.4Software upgrade was performed on the border router in green network at LTU.
  • February 2nd: An amplifier card was replaced in Bergkvara, causing an outage on the South Red network.






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