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  • February 20th: The link between Växjö and Linnéuniversitetet was down. The reason for this outage was someone had disconnected a fiber that should't be disconnected
  • February 17th: The link between KIR2(Rensjön) and KIR3 (Kiruna) was down. The reason was an unannounced maintenance by fiber provider.
  • February 10th: A short flap was noticed on the link between Falun and Sundsvall. Reason for outage not found.
  • February 8th: The link between the router and HV was down due a transient hardware error at the router in Göteborg. The error was fixed after a restart of the affected card.
  • January 30th: We had a big fiber outage in Uppsala that affected connectivity to Uppsala University. The connectivity has restored since 30.01.2020 18:10 UTC.
  • January 29th: We experienced issues with FPC cards in Control board was changed to stabilise the issue.


  • February 26th: We restarted FPC2 on router
  • February 20th: Router in Uppsala was upgraded with new software.
  • February 17th: A planned software upgrade was performed on router mdh-r2.
  • February 16th: Supplier performed planned network maintenance in Norrbotten area in Sweden. The fiber stretch between Abisko (KIR1) and Narvik (KIR5).
  • February 16th: Supplier performed planned cable maintenance between Abisko(KIR1), KIR2(Rensjön) and KIR3 (Kiruna).
  • February 13th: The maintenance has been completed. RAMAN amplification on the fiber stretch between Oslo (HMG9) and Rakkestad (NOR1202) has been calibrated.
  • February 12th: Supplier rerouted traffic to Tele2s own ODF in Norway instead of Telia.
  • February 6th: The link to uu-r2 from tug-r1 router was migrated to router in STHB, sthb-r1.
  • February 5th: Emergency fiber maintenace has been performed between KLX1 and KIR3.
  • February 2nd: Supplier performed network maintenance on the link between Frinnaryd and Jönköping.






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