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  • July 30th: vsby-r1 and vsby-r2 went down due to loss of power on Gotland.
  • July 30th: The link between Norrköping and Visby went down due to loss of power on Gotland.
  • July 30th: The link to UHR in Gotland went down due to power outage on Gotland.
  • July 23rd: There was loss of signal on the optical channels between DU4 and Börlange (BOR). The problem was solved after replacing ROADM in HLA.
  • July 23rd: FPC 1 at the router was reporting hard errors and was down. The FPC was then replaced and all the affected connections were restored.
  • July 18th: The link between BTH1 and our core router in Karlskrona was down. CFP plug was changed in our router in Karlskrona to fix the problem.
  • July 18th: Core router in Fredhäll reported a major error at one of the cards. We changed it and the problem was fixed.
  • July 16th: Sunet backbone link between Jönköping and Linköping was down due to a fiber cut.
  • July 16th: The link between Kiruna and Luleå is down due to calibration/equalization challenges after a fiber work in the network. This has now been fixed and the link is up.
  • July 13th: We had a link down to Visby. The reason was a major power outage on Gotland.
  • July 7th: The link between Karlstad and Luleå was down due to a power issue at the Torsby site.
  • July 4th: A hardware failure caused an outage on the SUNET backbone link between Norrköping and Visby.
  • July 3rd: Link down between sites Överby and Litslena due to an outage just outside Stockholm.
  • June 30th: There was a short outage on the link to SMI. Reason for the outage was not found.


  • July 24th: A ROADM component in the optical node in Hjälta (HLA) was restarted to fix a faulty behaviour.
  • July 15th: Fiber supplier performed cable work between Krångede (KGE) and Östersund (OSD). This will affect our links between: Sundsvall (sva-r1) and Falun (fln4-r1) and Kiruna (kir3-r2) and Falun (fln4-r1)
  • July 11th: Fiber supplier performed maintenance between Göteborg (GBG7) and Kungsbacka (VLA).
  • July 10th: Emergency fiber maintenance on the dark fiber between HJ and JKG was performed.
  • July 9th: Fiber supplier performed maintenance between Göteborg (GBG7) and Kungsbacka (VLA).
  • July 8th: Fiber supplier performed maintenance between Haparanda (HPA1) and Övertorneå (OVT2). This affected our link between Kiruna (kir3-r1) and Kalix (klx1-r1).
  • July 6th: The router ki-r2 has entered a faulty state and was restarted. The problem is gone and the router is operating normally again.
  • July 2nd: We were going to optimise the circuits connected to the fre-sw1 switch by applying port-extender functionality on fre-r1 router. Due to several issues with the software on the equipment it was decided to rollback once again to the previous configuration. This particular setup is being investigated by the hardware provider.






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