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* October 21st: A transponder card was overheated due to fan failure in the equipment which caused traffic to drop. After the card and fans was replaced traffic was restored.

Scheduled* October 3rd: There was an outage in the South Red network caused by a faulty amplifier card.
* October 4th: Link has been stable since the amplifier was switched again.
* October 1st: A combination of a fiber break and a software bug on a NORDUnet router caused an outage on transit traffic for SUNET and its customers.

* October 6th: Supplier performed a planned maintenance between Bålsta and Stockholm.
* October 6th: More storage space was added on SUNET Adobe Connect shared storage.
* October 3rd: Fiber maintenance was performed in the North Red network.

|| Scope || Unscheduled || Scheduled || Total |
|| Hardware |13 pcs 1d 0313:3851|0 pcs |13 pcs 1d 0313:3851|
|| Link |0 pcs |12 pcs 014:3942|12 pcs 014:3942|
|| None |0 pcs |0 pcs |0 pcs |
|| Routing |0 pcs |0 pcs |0 pcs |
|| Software |01pcs pcs00:34 |1 pcs 00:04|12 pcs 00:0438|